Chapter 3 – Dedicating the statues of the Kriya Masters

On Thursday, July 12, the statues of the Kriya Masters were blessed with a wonderful ceremony at Hansa Mandir where we hold Sunday services and daily morning meditations.

kriya masters statue dedication

Swami Kriyananda conducted the dedication ceremony. He spoke simply and devotionally about how Divine Grace can be drawn from the objects of worship by the power of our love and how our devotion will further activate this energy within these objects. I spoke at length with the sculptors during their visit here and they told me about the ceremonies performed to bless and energize these statues prior to shipping them to us. That was why many of us could immediately experience deeper meditations from the first day they appeared in the Hansa Mandir.

While the smaller 24 inch statues each weighed close to 200 pounds and were easy to move, the larger 42 inch statues required some heavy lifting. Fortunately our crew was creative and used a half ton engine hoist which allowed us to lift them up very easily.

Stop by next time you visit Ananda Village to spend some time in meditation with these beautiful works of art. They will bless us all for centuries to come.